Spring 2020:Feb 08 - Jul 31 2020


Fall 2017 Registration Open Until Sep-21-2017

Weston - Team Tennis- Rules!

This team tennis event is exclusive for these 4 weston clubs players. Team players must get their team Id from their captain/coordinator and enter during signup.
Expected Schedule  :
Jan. 11th @ BTCC: Weston Hills CC vs. BTCC
Jan. 18th @ BTCC: Midtown vs. WTC
Feb. 08th @ WHCC: Midtown vs. WHCC and BTCC vs. WTC
Mar. 07th @ Midtown: WHCC vs. WTC and Midtown vs. BTCC
April 11th @ WTC: Final and 3rd place (TBD)
The format is 3 doubles matches. Every match will be played two out three sets, no ad. A 10-point tiebreak will be played in lieu of the third set. All four teams will play simultaneously in the same club except for when the matches are played at Bonaventure TCC. All matches start at 10:30 am. Warm-up is limited to 15 min. (including serves). Tennis balls will be provided for all matches. Players are responsible to bring their own beverages.
This doubles league is based on USTA ratings. However, this is not a USTA league. The combined rating of the two doubles player must be a maximum of 7.5 or less. The difference between the two doubles partner's ratings could not be more than 1 point. For example, a 4.5-rated player could not team up with a 3.0 (the difference between the two players is 1.5 points). Nevertheless, a 4.0-rated player could team up with a 3.0 player.
Good Luck and have Fun!