Spring 2020:Feb 08 - Jul 31 2020


Fall 2017 Registration Open Until Sep-21-2017

Broward- Schedule published- Spring 2020 Season !

Dear Tennis Enthusiasts:

Regular season starts from today. For the new and returning players: kickoff email has been sent with general guideline for the tournament:

Login  and check your dashboard for your opponent and schedule detail under my matcheS.  Communication is the key. Remember to set your availability every week. So opponent can view and accept the open slot.

Playoff Qualifying criteria. Please check under Scores and Stats page. Regular season- Round1 will end on Mon, Mar 30 2020. Play as many matches as permitted by your schedule to qualify to playoff round.

if you have singned up but your name/team is missing from the draw, contact your county Tournament Director immediately.

Good luck and have fun!