Summer 2021:Jun 12 - Aug 22 2021


Fall 2017 Registration Open Until Sep-21-2017

Broward-Spring 2021-All set-Love All!

Dear Tennis Lovers:

Greetings! Are you ready for the 2021 Spring season?

Broward- Spring 2021 schedule has been published.

2020 was a challenging year & while all of us try resurrecting back to normal recreational activities little by little, it’s very important to exercise health protocols recommended by local governments.

Please maintain physical distance and avoid player handshakes.

Few useful tips and reminder for the new and returning players:

Round-robin matches: Until Mon, April 5th 2021.

Best of 3 sets. Decide with your opponent before the match if 3rd set will be exercised as super tie break (10 points).

Playoff: Apr 6th  – Apr 25 2021.

Playoff Criteria: Check scores and stats page for Minimum played matches criteria.

Please remember, with a long season break, we had to consolidate players across different locales to maximize the number of matches each participant could get. As such - You may see few players in your pool that might be from far-off places. We recommend you to work out a mutually convenient place; You also have a choice to skip those round-robin matches if you prefer not to drive long distances since you have extra matches than a normal season from the consolidation effort.

Home players can choose the court surface and place. However, with the covid related restrictions, you may find it difficult to find a mutual court, so be flexible if your opponent offers access to his community court.

We still have the waiting list registration open for the late entrants. We will keep adding to the schedule as they join in the comings days.

How to check my matches and schedule?
- Log in
- Click 'My matches' link under your dashboard to see your weekly matches, opponent and his NTRP rating, play by date(to be played on or before) deadline (to log your score). Click contact to email your opponent. Remember to set your available days in advance so that your weekly opponent can see and accept the open slot.

Ensure to play at least a match in a week to keep up the pace, contact your weekly opponent in advance to schedule the match.

What If I am injured and/or traveling?

Just let your opponent know for that week. If you are unable to play before the weekly deadline, make sure to enter your match schedule- (the date you and your opponent agreed upon to play in future) which will leave your score entry open for that match.

Tennis Balls:
Both teams/players are required to bring a new can of balls, use one for the first 2 sets, unopened can goes to the winner.

Please refer to rules and FAQ section under league info menu or feel free to reach us out for any queries.

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Call or text @ 954-899-0997 if needed.