Spring 2020:Feb 08 - Apr 19 2020


Fall 2017 Registration Open Until Sep-21-2017

Are you ready for the Knock-out round?

Dear Players:


Are you ready for the Knock-out round?


Reminder again, you need at least 4 matches to qualify playoff.  


Note these important points:

  • Ensure you log all your regular season scores prior to Monday Jul 29th Midnight.
  • Verify the points table under scores and stats. Its your responsibility to enter any missing scores.
  • No seeding changes will be encouraged after the playoff draw release.  
  • Expect the finals to be played on Aug 16 or 17th


Also, we expect response back from these players:

  1. If you expect to qualify playoff, but will be unavailable or for an extended period like 2-3 weeks. Let us know NOW. We can be flexible,  but  for shorter period, provided that not impacting other players’ schedule .
  2. If you are short of 4 due to unexpected circumstances, but still want to take part in playoff, email us NOW, to keep you on standby.

Have Fun!