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Want to partner with aptleague?

  • Are you a Tennis Facility / Tennis Club/ Organizer / Tennis coach and you want to streamline your Tennis events?
  • Do you want to consolidate all your data & technology in cloud? No software to download , no personal servers needed to hold your customer data. 
  • Want to digitize your process of managing players registration,  membership, playes data, Kids Camp, Tennis Tournament, Flex league or Challenge league/ladder?
  • Do you want to manage Tennis event draws, schedule, playoff draws digitally?
  • Do you want to hold your player records & stats electronically, 100% secured, not shared with anyone?
  • Do you want to provide value added service to your members, tennis lovers?
  • Do you want to improve Members/Players retention, your staff productivity by empowering your players to update match scores and stats through self-service ?
  • Want to increase your visibility in the Tennis cluster?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions - READ ON!!

Aptleague brings all tennis lovers under one roof. You can count on our innovative state of the art digital platorm to run any tennis events  cost effectively that is guaranteed to enhance player experience. We could get you up and running with your online tournament/league Membership module, Kids Camp setup in few keyboard strokes.

What does Aptleague Tournament platform offer ?

  • Personalized index page setup with your logo for your Club, Organization to complement your branding efforts .
  • Completely Online, cloud storage, mobile friendly solution. No software to download.
  • Capability to host unlimited concurrent tournaments in different regions of the country.
  • Flexibility to setup product pricing for each tournament by your region or your Club.
  • Opportunity to run tournaments as flex league, One day events, team tennis.
  • Player registration and payment collection, upsell additional products such as meals, guest pass or other merchandise at checkout.
  • Generate customized draws and playoffs.
  • Online scheduling, scoring, anonymous player ratings, player dashboards, Head to head, stats & ranking
  • Retain Player records forever.
  • Reporting capabilities for tournament directors.
  • Ability to setup tennis membership plans
  • Import player profile in bulk
  • visiblity of your presenece to all tennis lovers.
  • You own your members database. Your players/members database are 100% secured, accessible only to that club or organizer. Will not be shared with any other 3rd party for any commercial promotions.

How much does it cost?

  • One time setup fee - Ranges from $99 to $499. Contact us for the package
  • Annual fee Ranges from $99 - $299 (Can host unlimited tournaments, Flex league, Team Tennis or kids camp)
$ 99 .00 /Annual
  • One-Time Set up fee - $129
  • $3 per player signup & 30% of signup fee.
  • Suited for individual organizer
  • Host Unlimited Tournament or League
  • Access to Flex league and Team Tennis Format
  • Access to latest announcement section
  • Access to set your price
  • Access to discount module
  • Acess to manage public view over scores
$ 149 .00 /Annual
  • One-Time set up fee - $199
  • $3 per player signup 25% of signup fee.
  • Suited for small facility/club
  • Host Unlimited Tournament or League 
  • Access to Flex league and Team Tennis Format.
  • Access to latest announcement section
  • Access to set your price, discount
  • Access to main sliders-limit 3
  • Access to manage public view over scores
$ 249 .00 /Annual
  • One-Time setup fee $399
  • $2 per player singup 20% of signup fee
  • Suited for larger facility/club
  • Main sliders -limit 6
  • Access to Flex league and Team Tennis Format
  • Access to kids camp module
  • Access to club specific membership module
  • Access to load your Facility logo
  • Access to index page logo space, sliders.
  • Access to your players log records
Ready to get started ?


The best solution available
  • Aptleague
  • USTA
  • Mobile Responsive - iOS & Andriod - making it easy for players
  • Team management included for team captains!
  • Advanced Communication Options- Email  & SMS to keep players updated & informed
  • Player & Personal Information is not published online!
  • No Extra Memberships Needed
  • Flex Tennis League Support
  • Online Registration & Team/Player Payments-  integration for payment processing
  • Single Elimination Brackets for League Playoffs

Interested in knowing more or to join Aptleague ?

Start your application today, You can reach us via following channels

  • Drop us an email to info@aptleague.com
  • Call us at 1-86-333-28785
  • Reach us via instant message