Summer 2024:Jun 09 - Aug 25 2024

Event Schedule

Event Schedule

Our Program is designed to run several Tennis tournaments in the year for audiences of all types - boys, girls, men, women, seniors with varying proficiency. Each tournament hosts singles, doubles, and mixed doubles format of the game at the same time. You can signup both singles and doubles and multiple level as well(if available) at the same time based on your convenience.

Registration will be open at least 3 weeks in advance to the start of a tournament. 

**Please check State| county on the right side- expected start and end date for the  upcoming tournament to plan your schedule ahead. For every season, schedule may vary slightly by county.

Usually, for the flex league , the regular season-round-robin matches run for 6-8 weeks and the playoff for 2-3 weeks. Regular season play starts from the start date shown on the side.

TournamentRegistration OpenExpected Schedule
ATPTL-Spring Jan Feb-April
ATPTL-Summer May Jun-Aug
ATPTL-Fall Sep Sep-Dec
ATPTL-Year End Season Nov Dec
ATPTL- Team/ One Day Tournament Vary by County Jan, Feb or Nov