Summer 2024:Jun 09 - Aug 25 2024


FORMAT-Regular Flex League

Regular torunament will have two Rounds.
  • 1Round
    Round Robin Flexible Schedule
    Duration 6-8 weeks
    40% Complete (success)

    Round Robin - Flexible Schedule- Runs between 6-8 weeks(5-9 Matches)

  • 2Round
    Knock out Round of 32, 16, 8 or 4 players
    Duration 1-3 weeks 
    40% Complete (success)

    Knock out Round-inter pool knockout- Play off draw can have 32, 16, 8 or 4 players. Runs around 2-3 weeks. Top players from each pool will end up in the knockout round. The bottom draw of every pool may end up in playing Group B Knockout round which will be announced by county admin.

  • One day Tournament

    Initial round will be round robin, best of 6 games, then the next round will be knockout.

  • Team Tennis Tournament

    Team of 3 or more players will play both singles and doubles. It will be conducted over the week end. One day tournament format.



One-Day Tournament- Format

-ROUND1- Round-robin matches. No elimination.

-Round robin matches will be played for best of 6 games. At Deuce, 2nd deuce will be break point

-At 3-3, play a tiebreak, minimum of  5 points with difference of 2 points. 


-QF (Best of 8 games) at 4-4 play a tiebreak. Regular tie break minimm of 7 points with difference of 2. 

- SF- 1 Regular set , and tiebreak(7 points).At deuce, 2nd deuce will be a break point

-Championship Final-1 Regular standard set.