Summer 2024:Jun 09 - Aug 25 2024

About Us


    Building a social network for Tennis Lovers


    Stay fit. Live long.

What ?

To support our mission, AptLeague has designed a state of art system that allows tennis lovers to collaborate, track, and play tennis matches at their convenience for a nominal fee. No membership needed.

We have a system similar to pro circuit which tracks your progress, keeps your history and maintains ranking as well.


Our Program is designed to run several Tennis tournaments in the year for audiences of all types - boys, girls, men, women, seniors with varying proficiency. Each tournament hosts singles, doubles, and mixed doubles format of the game. Our participants are practicing professionals and hence the structure of this program is designed to be agile in nature.

How it works

Inspired by the axiom "Health is Wealth", a small group of health conscious, tennis loving enthusiasts came together and formed a social fabric of athletes that began playing competitive tennis at different proficiency levels in a fun filled and friendly environment for the past 10 years.

The popularity of this program has been ever rising and today we take pride in stating that our amateurish start has culminated into a strong network of tennis loving working professionals.


In today's fast moving and industrious world, health is taking a secondary priority in face of escalating stress levels. Several clinical studies confirm that reduction in stress levels will promote individual's physiological well being and longevity.

We are precisely aiming this noble goal of promoting healthier social livings in the society by reducing stress levels through the means of recreational sports such as Tennis.

The program promises a double strike
  • Enables active life style
  • Strengthens your social network