Summer 2024:Jun 09 - Aug 25 2024

How it work

How it Works?

  • Step 1

    Join League

    Participant joins league, the county admin allocates him/her to a pool of similar skilled players who are geographically collocated with a state of the art system generated proposed match schedule for every player.

    • Select Region or Club/Organizer
    • Select proficiency level
    • Sign up & Pay 
  • Step 2

    Play Matches

    The players per their convenience are expected to collaborate with the opponents and play matches at a mutually acceptable venue. Once the game is complete, the winning player is responsible to update the match score in their dashboard.

    • Follow match schedule
    • Contact opponent
    • Decide play day & location
    • Update match score
    • Qualifying players move to knock-out round
  • Step 3

    Earn Awards and Friends

    System maintains players standing. At the end of round robin, qualified players will move to knockout round and compete for the championship.

    • Finalist, earn a "cash equivalent award"
    • Strengthen your professional network

Each tournament hosts singles and doubles format of the game. Players can sign up both singles and doubles and/or multiple league level at the same time. Our system handles your schedule efficiently and allow you to participate in multiple league at the same time

Our Smart system proposes your match schedule listing out every opponent with a play by date in your dashboard and you will be expected to play 1 match in a week per league you signup. However, you can play all your match in a week or closely follow the system schedule to keep up pace with other players. Refer to FAQ section for more detail.


  • One day Tournament

    Initial round will be round robin, best of 4 games, then the next round will be knockout.

  • Team Tennis Tournament

    Team of 3 or more players will play both singles and doubles. It will be conducted over the week end. One day tournament format.

FORMAT-Regular Tournament

Regular torunament will have two Rounds.
  • 1Round
    Round Robin Flexible Schedule
    Duration 7-10 weeks
    40% Complete (success)

    Round Robin - Flexible Schedule- Runs between 7-10 weeks(7-10 Matches)

  • 2Round
    Knock out Round of 32, 16, 8 or 4 players
    Duration 1-2 weeks
    40% Complete (success)

    Knock out Round-inter pool knockout- Play off draw can have 32, 16, 8 or 4 players. Runs around 2 weeks. Top players from each pool will end up in the knockout round. The bottom draw of every pool may end up in playing Group B Knockout round which will be announced by county admin.