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Line Call- Tips!

October 23, 2018

Dear Players:

It’s a gentlemen sport. We play by honor system. Even Pro circuit players have line call dispute.

Here are few tips to handle bad line calls on court:

  1. Arguments can cause you to lose your focus & energy from match. Try maintaining your cool and aim to return shots not too close to the line to avoid further disputes until you regain control on your match. Redirect your energy to overcome anger and focus on a strategy that can help you win a match.
  2. If the opponent repeats the same pattern, politely let him know your opinion. Sometimes opponents may not self-realize their bad calls. In such cases, we hope the player will adjust and be more cautious on the next call. But if player behavior does not improve, just stop the match and let him know that you would like to play the match in presence of an umpire.  Email us about the dispute and we will recruit a volunteer to watch the game as an umpire.

Most of our players have good rating on the line calls, sportsmanship and friendliness. Click on any player profile upon login to review their rating and stats.

After a match, every player has an option to enter anonymous rating about the opponent, while winner can enter during score entry, opponent can edit rating from completed match section. Use that feature wisely to rate your opponent right after your match. This tool provides an introspection opportunity to all of us.

Remember – our vision / mission is to stay fit, have fun and expand friend circle. Please avoid poor sportsmanship tactics as such behavior works against APTL's charter. APTL coordinators are committed to Zero tolerance for poor sportsmanship. 

Have Fun Playing Tennis!

APTL Team!