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One-Day Doubles Champions-Crowned!

March 05, 2019
Dear participants:
Congratulations to the Champions, Finalists of the APTL Open 2019 One day tournament!!!!





8.5 A

Boris H/ Santiago E

Andres P/Jorge E

8.5 B

Michael S/Fred C

Luis B/Rey

7.5 A

Sundy/Deepak A

Juan R/Ruben L

7.5 B

John K/Arun S

Naresh B/Nindi

6.5 A

Vijay S/Rohan B

Franco F/Jr F

6.5 B


Mike H/Summet


We thank all the participants and supporters for making this One day Tournament a great memorable event.
Feel free to drop a note if you wish to share your experience or suggestions.
Have fun, stay fit, & expand your professional circuit with APTL.
See below for all finalists picture.