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COVID-19-Update -Resuming Spring 2020..

June 29, 2020

Dear Tennis players,

Thank you for an overwhelming response to the survey we conducted. 

Directionally, the player sentiments have been leaning toward restarting the tennis season.
Numerous great suggestions were sent by players to make the playoff matches shorter in format to complement social distancing needs. 
We are considering the adoption of some great suggestions that came in through the survey. 
But given the spike in patient counts of Florida state and in a greater spirit of supporting the efforts of local governing bodies to fight the uptick, 
we will delay the restart of the tennis league by 2 more weeks. 
Assuming that we start witnessing a reversal trend in virus counts in the immediate near future, we will aim to restart the league by July 15th. 
Please look out for additional communication in days to follow.

Till then stay safe & continue building your appetite for tennis.  

Have Fun!