Summer 2024:Jun 09 - Aug 25 2024

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Junior Flex League-Guideline!

October 03, 2022


  • Ensure your child has all their equipment including a racquet, suitable clothing (balls, shorts, t-shirts and a hat/sunscreen ifthey are playing outside), tennis shoes and water.
  • Both players are expected to walk in with a can of Balls. It is ok to play with used balls from prior match, but we do not recommend using old balls for more than 2 matches. Wehighly recommend parents to buy 3-4 cans of balls for the whole season so the kids can compete with decent condition balls to avoid injuries (balls in bad condition can cause injuries).
  • Parent supervision during a match is a must to ensure kids abide with proper sportsmanship, fair play attitude.
  • Tournament Format: First stage of tournament will follow round-robin pattern and would last for 6-8 weeks. This is a non-elimination phase in which each player is expected to compete with other players within the pool at a mutually convenient place, date, & time to be determined by parents. Following round-robin phase, kids would compete in playoffs (elimination round). Event will conclude with grand finals that would be hosted at a tennis facility in presence of other players, friends & family guests.

Scoring Rules:

  • Players 11 and under will play with green dots balls for a full 6 games set with no advantages. Players 11 and up will play 9 games pro-set with yellow balls.
  • Talk to your child about the importance of fair play and enjoyment, ensuring they try their best and focus on any goals they have worked on with their coach in training.
  • Make sure your child is committed to playing and completing the tournament in its entirety. 
  • Check the tournament home page frequently for any updates on schedule, draws or other relevant tournament information.
  • Your child should avoid playing if they are injured or ill. They need to give their body time to recover properly from injury or illness.
  • Make sure your child has plenty of water and uses the restroom before going on court. Confirm that your child knows what scoring format is being used and check with the tournament director.
  • Each player is responsible for calling all out-balls on their side of the net clearly and fairly even if it costs them the point. Such calls should be clearly audible or a hand signal may be used. In the case the player do not get to an agreement the point can be replay up to two times per set.
  • The player serving should call the score before every point clearly and audibly. 
  • Teach your child to always treat their opponent with respect. Good sportsmanship and honesty are extremely important regardless of whether they win or lose.
  • Swearing, throwing racquets/balls in temper or behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner is unacceptable and can result in a player being penalized.
  • Make sure your child shakes their opponent’s hand no matter the outcome. 
  • Winner should report their score to the tournament website. 
  • Encourage consistent positive behavior from your child regardless of the result.