Fall 2022:Sep 24 - Dec 11 2022


Fall 2017 Registration Open Until Sep-21-2017

Spring 2022 Playoff starts from today.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Spring 2022 Playoff draw has been published.

Please adhere to the published schedule and finish your match on or before the play by date, so we can plan to host all the finals during the Apr 23rd weekend. 

Please login to see your playoff schedule. If you have played enough round robin matches and your name is missing, email us immediately. 

For the new and returning players:

-          To see the entire playoff draw, click scores and stats, select the division, click playoff A at the top of the points table to see the draw and the deadline also on the same page for each round, request all to adhere and play on or before that scheduled date.

-          To contact players, log in, and go to 'My matches' link in your dashboard. The player/Team who has bye needs to wait for the other to finish the match. Remember to enter the score as soon as you finish a match, so the draw will be updated and move forward. 

HOME/AWAY – Higher seed is home. When both players are seeded the same from a different pool, then the players’ ranking -higher-ranked will be home (Ranking under Players menu- Released every week like Pro circuit).

The home player has the privilege to pick the surface but the venue ONLY if both are within 10 miles. If a player/team refuses to meet in the middle, they will have to concede that match to the other unless one mutually agrees to drive.


We know it’s a knockout round but play with the spirit. Bottom line is to have fun and make friends. You will always have the next season. 

Please refer to the link for some tips to handle line call disputes, we sincerely believe you all will help us promote the league's vision/mission.


Good Luck!