Summer 2024:Jun 09 - Aug 25 2024

Terms of Service


All rules as specified by US-ITF would be followed. Any deviation will be specified herein 

  • The final standings of each pool shall be determined by the number of wins or points and/or %of set and/or Games won.
  • Matches played for best of 3 sets.
  • when players disagree with court surface , then default would be hard court.


Winner gets 2 points, loser gets 1 point (Exception- Walkover/Default-Loser gets 0 points).

  • Players are advised to maintain an open dialogue with each other. Be courteous and respect opponent player's time and commitment. Return participating player's phone calls, text messages, emails in a prompt manner.
  • Plan to arrive at the tennis court few minutes before the agreed time. Everyone is aware - things happen, last minute cancellations or rescheduling should be communicated as soon as possible.
  • "No shows" without communication are regarded to be highly unprofessional and should be avoided. APTL deems a scheduled match to be "Forfeit" if the participating players do not show up on time or within a grace period of 15 minutes. If unforeseen circumstances inhibit you from playing, a match can be rescheduled if all involved players grant a mutual consent.
  • Player's continued unavailability to complete a match will empower the opponent to flag the match as "default". Reasonable evidence must be furnished proving a player's repeat unavailability to complete a match prior to the knockout round before a match can be rendered as "default". Players are advised to consult the county tournament coordinator before setting a match status to "default".
  • Every participating player needs to bring in a fresh can of Tennis balls to a match. For highest quality game and fun, we recommend starting the match with a fresh set of balls.
  • Open one can first to start the match, and players should consider using another fresh set of balls if a match prolongs to 3rd set.
  • At the end of the match, winners are entitled to keep unopened can of balls. Losers are expected to retain used set of balls.
  • If both players agree to use both new cans from the start or open another can in the 3rd set, then the winner of the match is not entitled to a new can of balls. Winner can retain the used set of balls.
  • Matches interrupted due to unstoppable events should be attempted to be rescheduled for completion before players dismiss.
  • In case of an interrupted match, keep a track of the scores at the interruption point; ensure you resume the match from that score forward. If both players choose not to reconvene, the leading player at that time is deemed to be winner upon mutual agreement. For such cases, please capture match status as "Retired"
  • If you split sets with your opponent and know the lights will be going out on the courts in less than 30 minutes, we recommend you not to play the 3rd set. Continue the match on another day or find another court.
  • If both players agree, when you split a set, you can opt to complete the match on the same day by playing 10 points tie breaker instead of playing full 3rd set if the lights are an issue. Please discuss and decide prior to the start of match whether to play full 3 sets or 3rd set tiebreaker with 10 points when lights are an issue. In this case, winner can enter the 3rd set result as 1-0.
  • We have designed a state of art system that allows tennis lovers to collaborate, track, and play matches at their convenience in their area.
  • Play by schedule is a system generated guidelines for each player to avoid schedule conflict. Closely follow the schedule. It is flexible, and you can play your matches earlier or later than the play by date but please communicate with your opponent.Please remember, your schedule for Round1 will be flexible but expected to complete matches prior to the knock out round to qualify next round.

In an attempt to facilitate a smooth, fun filled and pleasing play experience we have introduced the concept of "Home" & "Visitor". Please adopt following guidelines in this regard:

For every match, APTL's smart system automatically classifies one player as "Home" and the opponent as "Visitor". Player designated as "Home" on match retains the privilege of picking up a Tennis court-Place of his choice for that match. We recommend players to discuss and pick the one that is convenient to both.

We require players to pick up a location that adheres to following standards:

  1. Pick a court that is well kept – has smooth surface, good quality net.
  2. Ensure court has adequate lighting facility if a match is being played in the evening.
  3. Reserve the courts in advance to avoid waiting outside the court.
  4. Ensure the court location offers bathroom facilities, water fountain, benches, and vending machines.

In case if the agreed upon Tennis court location requires an access fee; the court proponent should disclose this information at the time of initial communication with the player. Consider offering a guest pass to the opponent as a gesture of friendship and courtesy.

Playoff- There is no Home-Visitor concept in this round. Unwritten rule -Higher seed gets home when both players are in the same area, however, since the players in the playoff may be from distant places, we strongly recommend to find a place that is convenient to both in the middle.

Remember – our vision / mission is to stay fit, have fun and expand your friend circle. Please do not resort to poor sportsmanship tactics as such behavior works against APTL's charter. APTL coordinators are committed to Zero tolerance for poor sportsmanship. If a player's sportsmanship quality is found to be in doubt please raise the flag and escalate the concern to county administrator.

Line Calls:

It’s a gentlemen sport. We play by honor system. Even Pro circuit players have line call dispute.

Most of our players have good rating on the line calls, sportsmanship and friendliness. Click on any player profile upon login to review their rating and stats.

Here are few tips to handle bad line calls on court:

  1. Arguments can cause you to lose your focus & energy from match. Try maintaining your cool and aim to return shots not too close to the line to avoid further disputes until you regain control on your match. Redirect your energy to overcome anger and focus on a strategy that can help you win a match.
  2. If the opponent repeats the same pattern, politely let him know your opinion. Sometimes opponents may not self-realize their bad calls. In such cases we hope the player will adjust and be more cautious on the next call. But if player behavior does not improve, just stop the match and let him know that you would like to play the match in presence of an umpire.  Email us about the dispute and we will recruit a volunteer to watch the game as an umpire.

Remember, at the end of a match, every player has an option to enter anonymous rating about the opponent, while winner can enter during score entry, opponent can edit rating from completed match section. Use that feature wisely to rate your opponent right after your match. This tool provides an introspection opportunity to all of us.

Total Match Point -Tie breakers are resolved by considering the head-to-head(Including walk-over H2H), sets and games, respectively in that order.

  1. Head-to-head results if only two (2)players are tied. In this case the result of the match between them would be considered. b) If three
  2. players are tied, then:
  • A player who had lost against other two players is automatically eliminated, leaving remaining two players to be decided by virtue of head-to-head between them;or
  • Highest percentage of sets won; or
  • Highest percentage of games won.

Coordinators decision will be final in breaking the tie, if no head to head result is available.

ATPTL rankings period is the immediate past 12 months (1 year) like Pro circuit.

Rankings will be released every Monday, calculating, points earned from matches played in the past 1 year.


The Table below shows the points breakdown for every round

Regular League 2000 1200 720 360 180 90 45 30 20 10
One Day/Week End 2000 1200 720 360 180 90 45 30 20 10

**Group-B- Players are not eligible for the playoff points. Playoff Points for Group B- W-20 and L-10 

Enforcing Player Ratings to improve tournament experience 

Players Skill level: 

This is a honor system. New players are requested to self-rate themselves at an appropriate level to maintain the game quality / competitiveness in the matches.

APTL admin reserve the right to move player up or down in a level to maintain competitive spirit of the league.

If you are an existing player, you can login and check your stats and rating under my profile page to see your career/current year/previous year match stats. Higher win% (at least 75% or more) mean you may try a level up . Below 50% of win mean, you are better fit with current level or a level down.

When can you move up a level?

When you are a finalist or consistently reaching semi final for the last few seasons, you can play at the current level and/or a level up.

Can I signup in two levels to improve my game?

Yes, if an admin sees improvement in your result , you can signup current level and one level up. But not just the higher level only.